Saturday, 24 December 2011


Now we are in winter season in this period your level of A1CS increase .By Veterans health  Administrations  which have studied the glucose of 800 prospects with diabetes.The conclusion of this research is that people with diabetes are afected by the climate and the season.

Beaside this other factors can afect your A1CS such your age,sex,and severity of diabetes.
The people who experienced the most fluctuation in terms of their A1C levels were those who lived in what the researchers called "intermediate" climates- places where winter temperatures ranged from 32° F to 40° F.
Statisticlly the people who live in the cold area where temperatures range from 5 f to 32 F reported less fluctuation to their level of A1cs.The researchers of this project did not understand why people of diabetes wasn't affected .The conclusion of this researchers said the people who leave in the cold areas don't go outside much in the winter.

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